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WILLIAM  VGJS  HUMBOUDT.                    371
mediating power. The envoys of the allies consented
to this, doubtless "because they wished to have every-
thing in a written form ; Humboldt, because it agreed
with his instructions. But the French plenipoten-
tiaries demanded verbal and written communications^
and complained bitterly that they had not even seen
their opposed ambassadors. Hereupon a number of
notes were exchanged with the Austrian minister on
both sides ; the trace expired before the question of
these formalities .had been settled. On the 10th
August, Humboldt and Austeth declared thai their
authority as plenipotentiaries had expired.
On the 11th August, Humboldt left Prague. He
went to Vienna to arrange his affairs and take leave
of his family, from whom the expected events would
separate him for some time. He was now expected.
in the head-quarters of the allied powers, where he
was to take part in the direction of affairs, in cojnunc-
tion with Baron Hardenberg.
This separation even had its pleasures, for all the
members of the family emulated with each other in
doing their utmost for the fatherland* Hiimboldt/s
eldest son, Theodor, a youth of seventeen? had inter-
rupted his studies to fight under Prussians flag. He
entered the horse guards as- a volunteer, was at .Dresden
and Culm, and fought in the storming of Montmartre.
Hadame von Humboldt also showed her interest for
the great events of the day as far as she^ was able.
She remained in Vienna till ttte spring of 1814. But
as soon as the *peace was concluded and her failing
health permitted it, she removed with her children to
Humboldt was in Prague, on his way to Jbead-
quarters, on the 1st September, 181S. ^ He found^Ae
monarchs and their ministers in Toplifez engaged in
concluding treaties with their new allies, J>ay
day the arms of the allied armies were BM>re, success-
ful. The battles of Kotzbach, of Culm, of' Bemne-
witZj humbled the power of the eom^aom .enemy ;
theB from three sides the armies appno^dbed the town.,